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Plantinum Gardening is a Garden & Lawn Care business which mainly services Baldivis. We now have regular contracts from as far south as Mandurah up to as far north as Success and inland through to Byford. That means if you live anywhere inside this area and you need any service that we offer, then you should Contact Us today. Our services include Lawn Repair & Care (Rachels specialty), Lawn Mowing, Gardening, WeedingEdging, Hedging, Reticulation Check and Set, Green Waste Removal and Outdoor Vacuuming. You can find out more about our packages on our Plantinum Packages page. 

Rachel , our DirtGirl( owner/operator) has always had a passion for designing, nurturing and maintaining her lawn and gardens around her family home.

Mikey (husband and web developer) was inspired by this and set out to help her start her own business. The kind of business that helps people who like having a great looking lawn but don't know how or haven't got the spare time to do it themselves.

If you are a Baldivis local, chances are, you have seen that Rachel's achievements are easily noticeable throughout this massive suburb which is located in Perth's southern district. Pretty safe to say that we hit the ground running.

Mikey believes that their quick success has a lot to do with his amazing web designing and advertising skills but at the end of the day, without Rachel's dedication, expertise and passion for all things green, he would just be another man sitting behind a computer desk.

Rachel is very knowledgeable and her love for gardening has her constantly researching new strategies in lawn care so that she knows exactly what is needed to be done, when it needs to be done and how it needs to be done. 


The Baldivis soil is not ideal for lawns. At least 2 out of 3 houses in Baldivis have a lawn hat's progressively dying. If you have noticed your lawn has dead patches, or it's coming spongy to walk on (AKA- thatch) or even if it's just not that level anymore, Rachel has perfected a way to revive it back to its former glory.

Lawn care and Lawn revival are what she has really put all her focus into in these first few months. Her passion and focus on the conditions in our local area have given her the ability to repair and revive 100% of lawns. Giving a new lease of life to lawns that, until now, had been given up on. She tailor makes each lawn mix for dressing to the individual requirements of each and every lawn. Most people she has helped were ready to just rip up their lawn and start from scratch.                               

       Lawn Replacement?                                              OR                                            Lawn Rejuvenation?               

             If anyone can save your dying lawn, Rachel can. The last thing she would want to tell you is that you should just rip it up and start again.  It can cost a small fortune to lay new turf. Especially, on top of the hard rocky 

limestone earth that the Baldivis area mainly consists of. The finishing product looks great because new lawn always does when laid properly.

To prepare the soil properly is a delicate and timely exercise. The grass roots need to have the right amount of nutrients to survive while they gain traction.  Depending on the type of lawn you want, it can also be quite costly. That is why Rachel will always opt to give it her best shot at saving before going in that direction. Although generally, she knows whether it can be saved or not, just by looking at it.


Around about 85% of these types of cases where clients have wanted her to rip it up, the lawn, at the hands of Rachel, has been saved without starting from scratch. 

Rachel has a 100% revival rate and has helped over 40 people bring their lawn back to life since she started 2 years ago and her business has saved her client's countless dollars which would have almost certainly resulted in more disappointment and regret.

If you live in this area and are fed up or are sick of spending money on quick fixes that seem pointless or insignificant, I am absolutely sure that Rachel would love the challenge or opportunity to work her magic on your turf. Her friendly nature and amazing communication skills, make it easy to get an understanding of where your lawn is what can be or needs to be done to get your lawn looking great again and keep it looking that way, all year round.

Family Time

When Rachel isn't busy saving people's lawns, she enjoys spending time with her family. In the picture to the right, you can see Rachel sharing her knowledge and wisdom with none other than "Dirt girl" at the Perth Zoo.

If you would like Rachel to share her wisdom with you then join her group page on Facebook called Lawn Porn WA. To design a booking yourself where you will be able to view upcoming events, daily servicing times and areas.  Go to our booking link on our Contact Us page. You will also be able to insert your own requested servicing time for approval. Approvals for bookings can happen almost instantly, quotes can take up to 24 hours. We can't guarantee that onsite quotes will be accepted. It depends on how busy we are and what area that we are currently in.  You will receive confirmation of appointment via email or we will contact you if we need more information.