Welcome to our recently revamped Baldivis Plantinum Gardening & Lawn Care Service website. We are a Baldivis local, family owned and operated gardening and lawn mowing service. Therefore, we regularly operate anywhere between Mandurah, Success, and inland as far as Byford. Our main client base is in Baldivis. We are very lucky to have the Perth Best Lawn Specialist as the team leader, owner, and teacher. Our services include Lawn Mowing, Edging, Whipper snipping, Lawn repair, Gardening, Yard Tidy-ups, Weed Control, Fertilising, Mulching, Reticulation Installs and Repairs, Turf Installation and much much more. 


The Plantinum Gardening team is dedicated to giving the best possible customer experience. Learn more about us and furthermore, find out what gives us the drive to achieve our targets and your goals. After which you can get to know our Employees by reading all about them and how they have contributed to our growing success.


We are very proud of our 100% 5-star service rating from our clients. Read them on our customer review pages and once we complete your service, we kindly ask you if you can also do the same. A link will be supplied in your invoice email which will take you to our review page. If you want to organise one of our Plantinum Packages. We cover lawn mowing, garden maintenance, weeding or any of the long list of things you will see on Our Services page. Alternatively, click on any of the Contact us links throughout the site and fill in the details and we will be in touch at our earliest convenience.

Our Booking System

We prefer if you would use our booking system to make your experience better. You can also try our messenger bot (Plantinum Botany) in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. She is learning all the time to answer new questions. Otherwise, if you would prefer to phone and talk to us, please call Rachel on 0425 306 111.

It's a widespread issue in developing suburban areas and unfortunately, new home buyers are being conned into receiving "FREE" lawn packages with their newly built homes. Here is a lawn care tip from Rachel, Plantinum Gardening owner, operator, and lawn care specialist. "A beautiful lawn costs money, not many things in life are truly free," she said. "Although, it's definitely something that should be properly planned out prior to laying. It is like any good investment. Put more into the foundation and it will cost less to maintain a strong and healthy, long lasting life. The only thing that is guaranteed with BONUS landscaping packages, is it will cost you significantly more to look good and will require the additional ongoing extra commitment, just to stay on par with something that was done properly in the first place."

Consider Wetter Soil!

Is your lawn looking a little dry an no matter how much water gets wasted, it just will not grow lush and green like your neighbours? It turns out, not only does lawn require water but it also requires a good soil foundation, full of rich nutrients to allow it to really thrive.


Rachel has a 100% lawn revival rate

Rachel has helped over 30 people bring their lawn back to life. A great achievement in such a short time, especially for such a new found business. Rachel has saved our clients' countless dollars which would have almost certainly resulted in more disappointment or regret.  If you live in the Baldivis area and are fed up with spending money on quick fixes that end up seeming pointless and insignificant. Well, I am absolutely sure that Rachel would love the opportunity to 

Work Magic On Your Turf

Bubbly and friendly in nature combined with her amazing communication skills definitely makes it easy to understand where your lawn is headed. Learning what needs to be one and organise what we will do to get your lawn looking amazing. Rachel has a gift when it comes to lawn repair and rejuvenation. Lawn magic has to be seen with your own eyes to believe it for yourself. You will then surely want to opt for our ongoing lawn care package. Rachel will keep your lawn looking amazing, all year round.


All feedback is valuable to the Plantinum Gardening team. It offers real insight into how we serviced your requirements. It is always great to hear from satisfied clients too