CA$H  TelstraPTOMY


I would just like to apologise to anybody who has tried to call Plantinum Gardening at any stage in recent weeks and has received an announcement from Telstra saying, "The number you are calling is disconnected." We have had nothing but issues with the lack of service from the very beginning. Correction - Post sale and connection. They have a great sales team. Sadly, that is it. I won't sugar-coat this either. Telstra has become an over-charging, under-performing, bottom of the list of trashy telco rip jobs.  We decided from the launch of Plantinum Gardening that Telstra Business would be our best shot, they told us that they will grow with us, that they are behind small business, '100%', and although they are admittedly more expensive, they offer all-around service that is unmatched in the telco industry. 

They were not joking when they say that they are right behind small business. What they forget to mention are their real intentions; which are syphoning your pockets, whilst they fist you up the tailpipe - continuously. We have 2 mobile, 2 Ipads, Internet and office/home phone. Which I asked as a package but was told that Telstra has no offer of any package deals because of how great their service is to its' customers. So great in fact, they sent individual bills for each individual service. Six separate bills every month for one small business. I immediately called and asked if they could bundle all statements up together as one single statement. After 2 and a half hours trying to explain this to a lady from Telstra Central, Philippines, I finally was told that I was using the incorrect term. I should have asked for Combined Summary Statement. I had to know the exact termination. 

When we finally received the bill, it had changed from sole trader to a company account under Plantinum Gardening PTY LTD. This was never mentioned, EVER. The bill was $500 above what it should have been too. I called Telstra a number of times that day but was constantly hung up on when they couldn't speak my language once again. (English) They couldn't understand that we couldn't pay the bill in unless it was in my wife's name, for tax reasons. Plus we wanted the $500 "assorted" extra charges, explained. Assorted charges??? $500??? You would not even read about it. Unfortunately, we would. About the 3rd call, most of my day and 4 escalations - finally - an English understanding operator. She was so helpful. Almost like she was trained to tell me exactly what I had been wanting to hear. Telstra is sorry, Telstra loves you, Telstra will fix the issue. Well, guess what?. (Yeah you guessed it),  No contact, no new bill arrived, then on a Saturday morning of the start of a long weekend, BAM, Every one of our phones and Ipad services, disconnected. Not restricted, not barred, DISCONNECTED. So if a potential client were to call for a job, they got to hear a disconnected message. It doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to understand that if you call a service business' number and hear that, you 100% would never call that number ever again. Took the whole long weekend and paying the whole disputed amount before our phones went back on. Absolutely disgraceful.

Over the course only a year, this has happened 5 times. We currently have $1700 bill which I paid last month when they cut us off. We are $400/month total, unlimited. Telstra has been charging non-payment fees, disconnection charges and reconnection charges. All from being disconnected for questionable amounts on non-received bills and completely without warning. 

They disconnect a business, knowing that they need the service and they use stand over tactic to force you into paying an amount that you don't believe is correct. With no explanation and using these (dual fist) rape tactics, they have made us pay massive chunks of absurd amounts. Saying that we will not be reconnected until we do. No care in the world for us but they keep telling you over and over that they understand but can't help. Guess what Telstra??? You can F*** Off!!!