Lawn Beetle’s (AKA African Black Beetles)

African Black Beetle

African Black Beetles or commonly known to Australians as Lawn Beetles, are being blamed for the unhealthiness of lawns, but is this true, or is it an urban myth? Should we keep them or kill them?

The Problem With Lawn Beetles

Even heavily watered and properly maintained lawn will still contain beetles and they will definitely be feasting on some of your grassroots but this is a good outcome because your lawn will grow them back deeper and stronger.

While the larvae definitely feed on the roots of your lawn, they generally keep moving throughout the soil. They rarely concentrate on a single small area. Lawn Beetle’s love hot, dry soil. They tend to move through under the grass at a slower rate on dry lawns than soil that has been deeply watered. Lawn beetles don’t like getting their feet wet as such, so they tend to move through a lot quicker.

During the lawn beetle’s larvae stage of their life cycle, they eat away slowly at the roots of grass as its primary food supply. You would be forgiven for believing that having this happen is a bad thing. That without roots, lawn can’t possibly survive. So popular belief has it that the Lawn Beetle must be a real pest.

Other Factors To Consider

Lawn Beetle amounts will activity increase as temperature increases in the Summer months. This is exactly the same as the growth of a lawn. As the beetle activity increases, so does the ability of the lawn to repair itself. In fact, a lawn would have to be severely infested before the damage from beetles could ever outweigh its ability to repair and regrow from any damage caused. As a lawn becomes dormant during the Winter months, so do the beetles.

Another benefit of lawn beetle is that as they burrow beneath a lawn, they leave behind tunnels. These tunnels act as a form of aeration which as we all know, works wonders for lawn health. Hard Core Beetle.

Even though the beetle has been introduced into Australia, at Plantinum Gardening, we believe that mother nature has used them to her advantage and so should we.

When Beetles Can Pose A Problem

Don’t let your lawn struggle into poor health due to lack of care. A lack of nutrients and water increases the damage factor of the beetles which can outweigh a lawns reparation. Mainly because it will significantly increase the lawn beetle presence in enough numbers to outweigh the lawns ability to repair itself in time.

Our Lawn care and Maintenance packages will keep away excess beetles and your lawn will remain green and lush all year round.

In conclusion, Plantinum Gardening is beetle friendly and would like everybody to learn more about these wonderful creatures before killing them. Stop putting nasty chemicals into the ground. Managing beetle can be as easy as extensive watering and good quality soil.

If anybody wants any questions on Lawn Beetles answered or has some more information and feel they want to share it with us, please comment below.