Lawn Care Vs Lawn Maintenance

What is the difference between Lawn Care and Lawn Maintenance?

I think there may be some slight confusion on this particular topic so on behalf of Plantinum Gardening, I would like to clear up the difference between lawn care and lawn maintenance. Hopefully, this helps to shed light on a sometimes touchy subject amongst lawn servicemen and the lawn care specialist. Also, it may be something to consider next time you get your lawn serviced.

Lawn Care!!

Lawn care is a service that is usually provided by a lawn care specialist or a person with many years of experience with caring for turf in your local area. There are many factors that contribute to achieving a  healthy lush green lawn. Essential nutrients, soil structure, the correct balance of moisture application, moisture retention, weed control and consistent mowing using a commercial cylinder mower. Mowing one or two days early is always more beneficial than leaving it too late. A commercial line edger is used to straighten edges and keep lawn and garden beds separate. Finally, a commercial outdoor billygoat vacuum is used to suck up all of the clippings, the weeds, and the possible seeds. This helps to minimise the growing problem we all face in weed control

Lawn Maintenance!!

Lawn maintenance usually consists of a basic lawn mowing service using a rotary mower. Edging is usually achieved using a whipper snipper,  a blower to blow the lawn clipping mess out onto the road. It is usually the cheaper option by far. In the absence of the word “care”, you can still have a nice, presentable lawn. It will never be as amazing as one that has been loved by a lawn care specialist.