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Lawn Repair & Rejuvenation

Is your lawn looking a little dry an no matter how much water gets wasted, it just will not grow lush and green like your neighbours? It turns out, not only does lawn require water but it also requires a good soil foundation, full of rich nutrients to allow it to really thrive.


Unfortunately, it is a widespread issue of developing suburban area's. New home buyers are receiving "FREE" lawn packages with their newly built homes. Here is a lawn care tip from Rachel, Plantinum Gardening owner, operator, and lawn care specialist. "A beautiful lawn costs money, not many things in life are truly free," she said. "Although, it's definitely something that should be properly planned out prior to laying. It is like any good investment. Put more into the foundation and it will take less to maintain, for a strong and healthy, long lasting life. The only thing that is guaranteed with BONUS landscaping packages, is it will cost you significantly more to look good and will require the additional ongoing extra commitment, just to stay on par with something that was done properly."

Consider Wetter Soil!